After what was, ultimately, a relatively short hearing, The Watsonia Bugle is pleased to announce that we have been cleared to continue our campaign to win the “Fresh Produce” section of the illustrious Banyule BestBiz Awards. As reported yesterday, the Banyule City Council had contacted us this week to express their concern over our eligibility to win the award, instead offering us the opportunity to present our case to a panel of judges.

Following the emergency hearing this morning, and after we presented a raft of compelling evidence, the council ruled in favour of us continuing our campaign. In handing down her judgement, lead judge Penny Fraser said, “After much deliberation and analysis, we can comfortably conclude that The Watsonia Bugle is indeed in the business of fresh produce. The panel read a whole heap of their articles last night and this morning, and most of it was pretty good. Very fresh, in fact. So we’re happy, after doing out due diligence, to commend their attempts to be voted as the leading supplier of fresh produce with the Banyule municipality. You should vote for them.”

So, you’ve got the all clear: jump over to the official Banyule BestBiz Awards webpage and propel The Watsonia Bugle up the rankings and onto the widespread recognition that we so sorely deserve.