A local man is reportedly considering performing a copycat streak at this weekend’s NFL Grand Final between Macleod and West Preston-Lakeside. After footage of a naked man running onto the field during last Saturday’s Mornington Peninsula Netball Football League Grand Final went viral on social media earlier this week, Macleod man Damien Sampson is now contemplating a similar move.

While Sampson himself was unavailable for comment to The Watsonia Bugle, a number of his friends have been in contact about his potential to bare all this Saturday at Preston City Oval. One friend, who gave his name only as “Darren”, told us, “Yeah mate, it just started with a bit of banter on WhatsApp about how piss funny that video was of the dude down at Frankston. Nek minnit, Damo was legit saying he’d do it this Saturday if we all pitch in to pay the fine.”

Whether the offence is even punishable by fine, or Sampson is confusing himself with a sporting event of actual national significance, remains unclear. But another friend named “Steve” reckons Sampson is a chance. Steve said, “Damo’s always doing stupid stuff when he’s had a skinful. He’s, you know, very impressionable like that. So I’ll just trying and tip as many beers down him as possible. At the game. On our way to the game. Just some textbook peer group pressuring and we’ll see what happens.”