On the same day that new Prime Minister Scott Morrison boldly accused the nation’s strawberry tamperers as “grubs”, it was also revealed that Morrison has a very strange, if not inflammatory, decoration on display in his office. Sitting there proudly on a shelf is a handcrafted trophy-like sculpture of an asian fishing boat with the words “I Stopped These” emblazoned across the side.

Now, regardless of your position on refugees and/or your political persuasion, it’s fair to say that the image of such a boat conjures up fairly disturbing images, particularly when placed in an Australian context. So it’s hardly the kind of thing that you would proudly put on display with the accompanying humble brag that you were supposedly responsible for “stopping” them and, by consequence, implementing an off-shore detention system for asylum seekers. Let alone putting it on display in your office. Let alone your office being the most prominent in your nation. But, you know, each to their own.

Not to mention that old mate ScoMo has either commissioned this monstrosity to be made for him, or it’s been gifted to him by one of his Liberal Party cronies. It’s kind of like when you have that very adult realisation that a particular sporting trophy you lusted after for your entire youth can actually be purchased from a trophy shop if you really want it. Except that you were lusting after some junior sports trophy, not a symbol linked to an oppressive regime that has caused incredible grief and pain for many, not to mention inviting global scorn towards our country.

Speaking of global scorn, the revelation of Morrison’s absurd desk ornament came earlier in the week in an article in The New York Times, that quoted ScoMo’s admiration for Donald Trump. The article positioned Morrison as one of Trump’s few international allies, which is also just grand.

So, while the jerks putting sewing needles into various items of fruit might be “grubs”, as the old saying goes: it takes one to know one.