A Lower Plenty man has been left scarred by a harrowing trip to his new local Aldi supermarket after panicking at the speed of grocery scanning and his inability to efficiently pack the items into his shopping bags. Previously an Aldi virgin, Graham Cooper had been warned by his wife who usually does the shopping at the Greensborough store that he would have to be quick with the bagging of goods.

However, despite his wife’s cautioning, Cooper still couldn’t keep pace with the swift checkout operator, triggering a full-blown breakdown right there at register number three. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about his ordeal, Cooper said, “It was just horrible mate. The missus warned me but I kind of just fobbed her off you know. I said to her, ‘c’mon love, how hard can it be, I’ll be fine.’ But once that guy started scanning stuff I just couldn’t keep up. The items just started piling up and I was scrambling for my bags.”

About halfway through the service, as the enormity of the situation dawned on him, Cooper admits that he started sobbing, before moving into a mournful bellow. He said, “It was like an out of body experience, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. After about 30 solid seconds of sobbing, I somehow managed to pull myself together, jam everything into bags, and quickly exit the store. Man, I never want to experience that again!”