In one of the most extraordinary law changes in recent times, turning into the IGA car park from Watsonia Road has been elevated to war crime status. The decision was made earlier this week and is expected to be implemented in the coming weeks.

While we have previously reported on the crime of parking in the IGA car park but not actually attending the supermarket, it seems that’s not the worst thing you can do when using the only off-street parking on the popular Watsonia Road strip. Long-time Watsonia residents are well aware that access to the car park must be obtained from the small laneway running parallel to our suburb’s main drag, but that doesn’t stop the occasional visitor or reckless local from ignoring the numerous “No Entry” forbidding entry from the major road.

One local, who claimed she was behind the upgrading to war crime status, told The Watsonia Bugle, “There are a lot of examples of bad driving etiquette along that road, but driving into the IGA car park from Watsy Road would have to be the worst. Who do those people think they are? Why do they think they’re too special to drive around the back like everyone else. It just disrupts the whole system. I’m glad the law has changed to now punish these culprits more severely.”