A Watsonia man has made the rather extraordinary move of lobbying the new Prime Minister to reinstate knighthoods simply so the honour can be bestowed upon a local sausage type. While Sam Jones is aware that such a title isn’t normally granted to a type of food, he strongly believes that the thick sausages sold at Aussie Jack’s Butcher in Watsonia are deserving of “some kind of formal recognition for being so bloody good”.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott controversially reintroduced knights and dames in 2014, but his replacement Malcolm Turnbull was quick to remove the practice when he came into power a year later. Now that Scott Morrison has been appointed the 30th Prime Minister of Australia, Jones feels it’s a good time to float his proposal for the beloved Watsonia sausage.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Jones said, “It’s high time those snags got some wider publicity. They’re that good. ScoMo wants to convince us that he’s a man of the people, and what better way to do that then publicly celebrate a true Aussie icon: the Watsy Sausage. And the timing couldn’t be any better, Grand Final weekend is basically the commencement of barbeque season. Hopefully he’s read my letter, has spoken to the Queen, and an announcement is made in the coming days. That’d be awesome.”