Following a tumultuous week in our campaign to be crowned the leading “Fresh Produce” provider in the Banyule BestBiz Awards, we have received a real boost after a representative from the United Nations said that “A vote for the Bugle is a vote for humanity”. While we cannot reveal the person’s name, we promise it’s legit. Like, totes.

In a wide-ranging discussion, the UN employee also said, “What The Watsonia Bugle is doing within its local community goes well beyond just ‘fresh produce’. I mean, you guys are giving a voice to your neighbours, and empowering an entire suburban region to question their sources and think beyond the box when it comes to accessing news that is both relevant and informative.”

It’s time to have your say. Jump over to the official Banyule BestBiz Awards webpage and propel The Watsonia Bugle up the rankings and onto the widespread recognition that we so sorely deserve. You have until this Sunday to cast your vote!