Coffee has angrily expressed its disappointment at being overruled by wine in a number of popular memes currently circulating on social media. Given the high proliferation of these memes, the response from coffee was initially unsurprising, yet the severity of it has caught a few off guard.

Coffee has made full use of the increased character limit on Twitter by posting a series of fiery complaints about the fact that, at a certain time of the day or week, many people say to themselves, “step aside coffee, this is a job for wine”. The collection of tweets include such comments as, “you ungrateful bastards flog me all week and then just forget me at the first sniff of a weekend”, “go and have your fun with wine you idiots, I know you’ll be back asking for me in the morning”, and “all these stupid coffee and wine memes are just a poorly disguised attempt to paper over the cracks of your obvious character flaws“.

While the series of tweets threatened to break the internet as people across the globe weighed in on the topic, wine itself seemed oblivious to the rolling discussion. When contacted by The Watsonia Bugle, wine simply said, “I don’t even know what day it is, let alone what me old mate coffee is banging on about on the twitter… hiccup. All I’ll say is that “wine o’clock” is a moveable feast, and can be found at any time. You never hear anyone say ‘oh, it’s too late for a wine’ do you?”