Retailers have confirmed that at least a quarter of all work boots purchased are not actually used for genuine manual labour and work. They’ve come to this interesting conclusion after polling customers at the check out when they purchase steel-capped work boots and asking them what they intend to use the footwear for.

The National Footwear Retailers Association (NFRA) conducted the poll over six months, just as the wearing of work boots for non-work-related activities trend was starting take off in Melbourne. An NFRA spokesperson told The Watsonia Bugle, “we’d noticed the beginnings of a trend when non-tradie-looking guys started buying work boots in stores, so we decided to track the behaviour in the hope of giving our members information that allows them to exploit this shift in the market.”

A man, who identified only as Will, seen at Greensborough Plaza last weekend in his best jeans and a pristine pair of work boots, told us, “yeah I just noticed these other guys wearing sick boots around the place even though they weren’t tradies, and thought I’d get on board. They’re actually not that comfortable but they look fresh as eh?”