A GPS data glitch has accidently created a virtual black hole in Watsonia, incorrectly leading motorists to the incorrect part of our glorious suburb. Recent reports indicate that if you enter “Watsonia Station” into some GPS units you will be taken to a dark corner of Watsonia around the Linacre Street region.

As members of society become more and more reliant on technology to navigate their way through life, these kinds of errors seem to be occurring with more frequency. For example, a few years ago people looking for Mildura on their GPS would be led to a remote area of National Park along the Murray River, a long way from petrol stations and other amenities. While the glitch currently impacting Watsonia is not as serious a case of life and death, it has caused enough first world problems to be reported on by a respected newspaper such as ours.

One local resident, who asked not to be named, said that she’d noticed more cars heading down Linacre than usual, and noted that the majority of drivers looked very confused and seemed to have turned their car radios down in a vain attempt to better understand where they were geographically located. The resident said, “I couldn’t work it out at first. But then someone told me about the GPS thingo and it all started to make sense. I dunno how they fix it, and I also don’t know exactly who ‘they’ are in this case, but I hope it gets sorted out soon.”