A seasoned traveller has revealed what he believes is the most extraordinary thing about David Boon’s infamous 52 cans of beer on the flight from Sydney to Heathrow back in the late 1980s. Bypassing the numbers behind the incredible drinking achievement, frequent flyer Gregory Neilson is more amazed by the fact that Boon was able to receive service from the airline staff at least 52 times during the journey.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, Neilson said, “I travel a bit with work these days, and I’m in business class a bit, but I still can’t believe he received that kind of attention from the staff on a flight to Europe. I’d be lucky to hear from them half that number of times over the course of a similar flight, not to mention the blatant disregard for the responsible service of alcohol laws that were obviously more relaxed in 1989.”

Neilson also claimed that Boon’s feat could truly be a record that will never be broken. He said, “Apart from the fact you’re highly unlikely to see VB in first class these days, I just can’t see it happening. Did you know they apparently made an announcement over the loud speaker to celebrate his achievement? Can you imagine that happening today? No way man.”