The women of Australia are now unsure where to get their sex tips from now that Cosmopolitan magazine is set to close by the end of this year. Since the announcement of the popular title’s closure was made yesterday morning, women across the country have been frantically seeking secondary sources for advice on fashion, health, love and relationships.

Local woman, and avid Cosmopolitan reader, Rebecca Davidson told The Watsonia Bugle, “That mag was like the older sister I never had. Admittedly the content has gotten a bit repetitive lately, but in my teens and early 20s that stuff was gold. Without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

Meanwhile, Professor Helen Stanley, a sexual health expert from a local university, said the loss of the magazine will deal a serious blow to young women across the country. She also said, “The Internet has a lot of info, but it’s also very hard to verify any of it. Cosmo was a trusted source for generations of young women. Yeah, the cover always contained a promise of quick-fix fitness and/or the best orgasm of your life but, after all, that’s what we’re all after anyway isn’t it?”