study has confirmed that Melbourne’s roads are getting more and more cooked, not that we really needed a line graph to confirm this. After recent news that our region is home to our nation’s most dangerous road, and our own listing of the local roads you can’t say without adding a swear word, we now have official data to show that our daily commutes are getting slower and slower.

The results of the study, made public yesterday, show that Melbourne’s traffic snarl is worsening quicker than in any other major Australian city. While Sydney officially remains our country’s most congested city, average speeds in Melbourne have declined more over the last five years than in any other city.

Apparently, in that five-year period, average speeds have dropped 8.2 per cent to 59.9 kilometres per hour. Exactly where these motorists are averaging 59.9 kilometres during peak periods remains unclear, but we’re guessing there must be a lot of them travelling well over that figure to make up for the shit ton of motorists crawling to and from the city each day.