A survey about local traffic patterns and the impact they have on motorists has revealed the top five local roads that can’t be said out loud without adding an expletive. As Melbourne’s traffic situation only seems to worsen, the gridlock around the northern suburbs just seems to get nastier and nastier.

The increased difficulty in getting from “a to b” has resulted in a noticeably more aggressive vernacular amongst motorists when they’re talking about the daily commute. The application of a swear word to the name of the particularly troublesome roads seems to offer some road users minor respite in an otherwise heated atmosphere.

So, without further ado, here are the top five local roads that can’t be said without adding an expletive:

1 Rosanna Road.

2 Plenty Road.

3 The Western Ring Road.

4 Fitzsimons Lane.

5 Bolton Street.

Like any list, this top five is sure to prompt heated debate amongst locals as they trade war stories and share their eternal pain. If you know a road that should be on the list but isn’t, throw a comment in on our Facebook post for this article.