A local AFL fan is faced with a difficult conundrum ahead of this Friday night’s Preliminary Final clash between Richmond and Collingwood. It seems that Greensborough man Callum McDonald just can’t decide who he hates the least and, therefore, which team to passively support in the big game.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, McDonald said, “Well, I’m a Bulldogs man meself, so technically I’m neutral on this one. But local custom dictates that I must side with one of the teams, otherwise it’ll be a pretty boring game. So, it’s not a case of which team I like more, it’s really just a case of who I hate less. But that is proving very difficult to decide.”

Admitting that he has already changed his mind “about half a dozen times”, McDonald said that he might not have his final answer until the game actually starts later in the week. He said, “I mean, I hate Collingwood. Always have. Always will. And Richmond have always annoyed me, but since they won the flag last year their supporters have been strutting around town like they own the joint. So I’d love to see them fall at the second last hurdle. That would be awesome. But if I reckon the Richmond fans have been up and about, imagine the northern suburbs if bloody Collingwood make the granny? I’ll have to go away for the week.”