Businesses operating within the much vaunted Watsonia café district have reportedly shelved plans to introduce deconstructed avocado on toast to their menus. The decision follows recent backlash an inner-city café received for unashamedly serving up cooked bread on a platter with half an avocado, a bit of lemon, and a chunk of feta for the princely sum of $18. Well-respected café The Kettle Black made headlines over the weekend after one disgruntled customer posted this image of her avocado on toast.

Perhaps more interesting than the actual presentation of the meal was the café’s unashamed response to the backlash, with the manager stating, “You can’t please everyone. We can add things if they are not happy, but we have served it like this for four years and it is one of the most ordered dishes on our menu.” However, his most impressive comment on the matter was the justification for serving up half of an avocado on the plate. He said, “It’s half an avo in the skin, which pays homage to the avocado and the farms”.

While we’ve been accused of fabricating quotes in the past, that is a legit quote, and left us wondering how every item of every meal would be served up if cafes insisted on always paying homage to individual food items and the farms that they come from.

Regardless of that minimalistic approach to preparing food, it seems the headlines surrounding this issue have scared off some cafes in Watsonia. A local food blogger told us, “Apparently one or two of the cafes in Watsy were considering adding deconstructed avo on toast to their menus before the end of this year, but they’ve backflipped now. I heard one manager say, ‘If they’re knocking that back in South Melbourne, we’ve got no chance in Watsy’. They say some people only go out for a meal to avoid doing the dishes afterwards, but maybe they also want some assistance with the construction of their meal too. It’s a very interesting time in the food industry.”