Bundoora has claimed victory in the race to house the nation’s most dangerous road, with the inglorious honour bestowed upon Plenty Road. The win came courtesy of AAMI’s annual Crash Index, ranking Bundoora’s section of the much-maligned stretch of bitumen as the road with the most recorded accidents of any location in all of Australia.

While Plenty Road only came second on our list of top five local roads you can’t say without adding an expletive, it’s top placing as the nation’s most accident-prone arterial was met with mixed responses from locals. Bundoora resident Callum Spencer said, “I knew it was bad, but I didn’t expect it to be the worst in all of Australia. Surely some joint in Sydney would have to be worse. Or at least closer to the city in Melbourne.”

Another Bundoora resident, Joan Farraday, even took the opportunity to have a sly dig at Watsonia. She said, “Maybe we should have a parade like you idiots did when you got that weird auction ranking last week? Except one of the floats in the parade will probably crash into the one in front of it, and then our ranking will go even higher!”