A local footy nerd is reportedly unsure what to do with himself tonight at 7.30pm in the stark absence of his favourite television show AFL 360. Ben Tallis is currently contemplating reactivating his dormant Netflix account and/or trawling through the free to air channels.  

After a full season listening to Gerard and Robbo dissect just about every footy issue in minute detail, Tallis says he has already gone through at least two or three of the seven stages of grief while attempting to come to terms with the loss. He said, “It’s the same every year to be honest. Real tough. Those two blokes are part of the family during footy season. They’re the soundtrack of my footy life. It’s always a real loss straight after the footy season ends. Such an abrupt end.” 

Weighing up the potential alternatives, Tallis said, “I dunno. I’ve hardly used me Netflix account since about March. I’m guessing there’s a few decent shows on there. But I’ll have to start from scratch. I could try free to air but, yeah, nah.”