With news that The Land Before Time is about to hit Netflix, children of the 1990s are about to be reminded just how dark and upsetting that movie actually was. While people tend to look back on their childhood favourites through rose-tinted glasses, some film critics are insisting that Netflix should issue a warning with the movie.

At least one local child of the 90s contacted The Watsonia Bugle to express her concern. Watsonia woman Laura Conti said, “That film is dark as man. I mean, I loved it as a kid, but I watched it a few years ago with my niece and nephew and I was shocked. As an adult I understand that life can be a struggle, but why ram that message down the throat of little kids?”

While Conti said she was still unsure about showing the film to her young children, she would have a discussion with her husband about the matter. She said, “Like any major decision about the future of our children, we’ll sit down at some stage and have a chat about it. Or we’ll text each other while we’re at work. One of the two.”