A local dad is still struggling with the decision of whether he’s brave enough to enter the haunted house at the upcoming “Watsyvania” event. Chris Banfield has been low key sweating on the whole concept ever since advertisements started popping up about the festivities and his 5-year-old daughter starting nagging him about taking her.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Banfield said, “I know I have to be brave for my daughter, but I’m legit packing me dacks about it. I went on the ghost train at Luna Park when I was a kid and I still get petrifying flashbacks to that night. In fact, if I’m honest, I’m still getting regular therapy for the mine tour I took at Sovereign Hill back in 1995.”

Having detailed his troubled past, Banfield said he’d asked his wife Brenda if she’d give him a chop out and go into the haunted house instead. However, she was less than supportive. Brenda told us, “Seriously, he needs to harden up. We’re not far off needing a night light in our bedroom. I thought once he had kids that he’d get a bit braver. I was wrong.”