A Watsonia father of three, who often skips multiple pages of particularly lengthy children’s books during each night’s story time, has been accused of disrupting the narrative flow. While most of us assume that the majority of children’s books are just a random collection of colourful thoughts and ideas, literature expert Karen Finlayson insists that they are all carefully crafted masterpieces that deserve more respect.

Finlayson says that Mark Ronaldson’s habit of skipping a few pages here and there to speed up the night time routine disrupts the natural story telling rhythm that all children can instinctively learn from regularly being read to. She said, “It’s actually doing damage to young children’s brains by impeding their ability to connect related thoughts and ideas, not to mention the important notion of things having a beginning, a middle, and an end.”

Despite this opinion, Ronaldson remained unrepentant. He told The Watsonia Bugle, “Oh c’mon, really? You know how it is mate, it’s been a long day, reading the story is the last thing you have to do before signing off from the kids for the night. The sooner I’m horizontal on the couch, binge watching Netflix and catching a bit of me time, the better it is for all!”