A recent study into the high proliferation of memes relating to sibling order has revealed that they are backed by zero scientific evidence, and are just a desperate grab for likes and comments. The study, conducted by a local university, analysed the top 100 most-popular sibling-themed memes on social media, and discovered that not one of them could be proven by science.

The head researcher of the study, Cameron Johnson, told The Watsonia Bugle, “as the youngest in my family, I honestly did want to find evidence that I am in fact the best looking, funniest, and most athletically capable of all my siblings, but unfortunately we could not find any scientific evidence to support this. After trawling social media to find as many of these memes as possible, it seems they are all just a highly effective method of garnering cheap likes and comments from users who are keen to cyberbully their brothers or sisters.”

While Johnson seemed genuinely disappointed by the findings, he did acknowledge that he never seemed to take responsibility for the setbacks in his life, and was quick to blame others for his problems. He also suggested that if someone could create a popular meme that appealed to the incredibly needy middle child demographic they would be drowned in likes and comments.