As the Italian city of Venice grabs global headlines for the remarkable flooding of their historic streets, at least one Bundoora resident is considering a similar stunt to draw more visitors to his local area. Graeme Fraser contacted The Watsonia Bugle this morning to share his idea, claiming that a scenic flooding of the Bundoora Square car park could make the suburb a destination of choice for people both local and abroad.

In a wide-ranging interview, Fraser said, “Just look at the headlines that Venice is getting today. Imagine everyone was talking about Bundoora like that? The car park is kind of in a bit of a hollow, so if we got a few fire trucks with their hoses on full pelt we could flood that area quite easily. Obviously we’d sandbag the entrances to all of the local businesses beforehand, and then we’d just watch the crowds flock to Bundoora.”

When asked about the long-term environmental impact on the car park and nearby Plenty Road, Fraser seemed unperturbed. He said, “She’ll be right mate. It’ll only be temporary, just like the Venice stuff. By the time the water drains away, Bundoora’s international profile will have exploded. It’ll be a bonanza.”