Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull reportedly regrets not speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, believing that it might have saved his tenure in the top office. Sources close to Turnbull have said that he now admits not responding to the Bugle’s interview request earlier this year was a fatal mistake.

You see, back in January we contacted the then Prime Minister’s office to request a brief video interview with the nation’s boss. While we received a prompt response requesting an outline of the type of questions we’d ask, a request that we quickly met, the silence then became deafening.

No doubt the Prime Minister was incredibly busy at the time, so we accepted the brutal snub, while also silently lamenting the fact we never received a polite thanks but no thanks email. From that point we didn’t think any more of it, until a source close to Turnbull contacted us this week to express his supposed regret.

The source said, “Yeah mate, he full-blown regrets not speaking to you guys back at the start of the year. The presumably humorous video you could’ve created from the interview would’ve gone viral and bolstered his standing as the nation’s leader. Plus, he feels that if he’d just addressed those key issues in the highly influential area of Melbourne’s northern suburbs he might’ve bought himself some more time in the top office. It’s a real shame. Only the other day he was again saying that he should never had snubbed the Bugle.”