A local dad has been blindsided by the compulsory group singing during his infant daughter’s weekly swimming lessons, telling us that it has made him re-evaluate his previously resolute stance on water safety for his children. Grant Bradley is only a couple of weeks into lessons for his two-year-old daughter Lilly’s term of lessons at a local swim school, but is reportedly unhappy with having to loudly sing multiple children’s songs in front of other grown adults.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Bradley said, “At first I was all for getting in the water with Lilly. I mean, it’s great bonding for me and her, and she’s learning a valuable life skill. But I’m only two weeks in and I’m already subconscious about the high notes in ‘Ring a Ring o’ Rosie’. None of the other parents in the water have said anything but I know they’re laughing at me from the inside. It’s demoralising.”

So passionate are Bradley’s feelings on the topic that he’s even dragged Australian swimming legend and passionate water safety advocate Laurie Lawrence into the argument. Bradley said, “As if Laurie Lawrence would be happy with us all standing around in a circle singing bloody nursery rhymes!? This is the man who once dragged his bare knuckles down a concrete wall to show some of his proteges what real pain looks like. He doesn’t sound like the kind of bloke who would be interested in the wheels on the bus going round and round is he?”