Local authorities are reportedly preparing to declare a state of martial law in and around Greensborough Plaza as early as tomorrow afternoon while retailers prepare for one final pre-Christmas onslaught. Such a move effectively places the responsibility of law and order into the hands of the military, and is usually reserved for extremely rare occasions when it’s deemed that a slightly stronger hand is required to manage the behaviour of the general population.

While no official word has been given, one insider broke ranks this morning and told The Watsonia Bugle that the announcement was imminent, and could take place as early as tomorrow morning before stores open for the day. The insider said, “It’s an extreme measure, so the decision isn’t taken lightly. But when they investigated some of the reports from last weekend, and took previous years into account, they feel it’s the best course of action to maintain law and order in that area.”

How far the zone would reach remains unclear, but it’s understood that it may stretch as far as down to Greensborough Station, and up to Safeway, where some authorities claim the worst of the behaviour could be expected. The source said, “While all shops are on high alert, supermarkets are often the most dangerous environments. They contain a higher concentration of people, there’s is often direct competition for resources, and many customers still have no bloody idea how to use the self checkouts.”