A local news outlet has started compiling a list of prominent deaths over the course of 2018, in an attempt to maintain web traffic over a notoriously slow news period. A source from the unnamed media mogul contacted The Watsonia Bugle earlier this week to say that the clicky article was “about 75% complete” and would be ready to publish just before Christmas.

The anonymous source said, “Yeah mate, we do it every year. In fact, one of our journos has actually been keeping a running list on her pinboard throughout the year to make it easier to bring together when the editors start circling for it. Every time some famous person kicked the bucket, she scrawled their name on the list.”

While 2018 has arguably not been as profitable as some recent years, the source claimed that readers are always interested in the recap of deaths, sparking regular musings about how long ago a certain death can seem. The source said, “It happens every year, even in the office here when we’re doing the list. People start spouting ‘Oh, was that this year? It seems like ages ago. Time flies eh?’”

The source claimed that the annual death list was a valuable bridging tool for the quiet news period between Christmas and New Year. They said, “Not much happens in that time, and half our journos are on holidays anyway, so it’s nice to bank that one before the break. It’s money for jam.”