The Watsonia Bugle is being blamed for the double exit of Stefanovics from the Today Show. Just one week after we published our article about a local man being sick of the Stefanovics, both Peter and Karl have been removed from the previously popular breakfast television program.

Despite rumours swirling for months about possible changes to the struggling show’s on-screen line-up, one local grandmother has blamed the Bugle for ousting the Stefanovic brothers. Beryl Foster called Bugle HQ this afternoon to voice her displeasure, openly questioning where she was going to get her daily dose of “eye candy” from now.

In a wide-ranging tirade, Foster said, “Those gorgeous boys are all I have to get me through the day sometimes. And now you morons have taken them away from me. They’re even saying that Dickie Wilkins might be next to get the arse. If I lose him, I’m coming to get you idiots. You’re finished.”

Despite our attempts to suggest that more people seem to be reading articles about the Stefanovics’ private lives than actually watching the Today Show, Foster was unrepentant. She said, “Do you think I care about what you people are reading about on the internets? No, I don’t. My best bet now is hoping that they bring back that handsome little Stevie Jacobs.”