A local man is considering putting his Netflix subscription on hold for next two months as the Big Bash commences tonight and runs through to the middle of February. Cricket enthusiast Lenny Nelson says he’s sick of getting minimal use out of his Netflix account during the Big Bash months, claiming the Twenty20 tournament is “the only thing worth watching over summer”.

While Nelson’s plans to suspend his Netflix account have been met with stiff opposition from his wife and children, he told The Watsonia Bugle that he was still seriously considering it. He said, “Yeah mate, I reckon I might pull the pin on the old Netflix until the Big Bash is over. I mean, it’s literally all I watch every night for the entire tournament. Doesn’t matter who’s playing, I’m tuning in. Every night. It’s the original binge watch.”

With the final match of the tournament not being held until Sunday 17 February, Nelson is preparing himself for a genuine cricket smorgasbord. He said, “They’ve stretched it out a bit this year, so it’s pretty much going for a full two months now. That means it’s a neat two-month suspension of Netflix. I reckon I’ll do it. I’ll look into it tomorrow.”