A local man is officially sick of the Stefanovics, telling friends and family that if he sees another news item about anyone from that family he will be physically ill. It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the well-known family, with Karl Stefanovic saying “I do” for the second time at a lavish wedding over the weekend, while speculation continues to mount over his and his brother Peter’s future at Channel 9.

While it possibly says more about the type of media that Gary Stevens surrounds himself with each week, he has officially reached saturation point. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, Stevens said, “Oh mate, I’ve just had it. They’ve been in the news all year, but this last week has just been unbearable. Some news services have been giving almost hourly updates on them, and then you spot all the trashy mags at the supermarket while you’re waiting to pay for your groceries. It makes me want to spew up.”

Despite undeniable passion for the topic, Stevens also conceded that he did occasionally get sucked into some Stefanovic-related stories but, rather than take personal responsibility for his actions, he blamed it on click bait. He said, “Look, I probably click on the occasional piece, I’ll be honest. But that’s not my fault. It’s like scolding a bloke for eating too much sugar even though he gets locked in a candy store for eight hours. I’ve become a product of my environment, and I don’t like it.”