While it wasn’t the initial role he intended to play after travelling across the globe to spend a gap year in Australia, a local charity pusher has accidentally invented a new camouflage design after just a few weeks in the job. Initially assigned to the pavement along Greensborough’s Main Street, Callum O’Brien has been working the scene in an attempt to raise much needed funds for a well-known charity.

Finding it increasingly difficult to engage people in a simple conversation, let alone convince them to put their hand in their wallet, O’Brien quickly noticed a strange phenomenon as the long days went by. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, O’Brien said, “After a few days I realised I was pretty much invisible to people who were walking up and down the street. They’d glue their eyes to their phone screen, become suddenly engrossed in the local architecture, pretend to take phone calls from their friends, I saw it all mate! It was strange, because I felt completely invisible a few times, even though I was wearing a bright green shirt, massive name badge, and holding a fancy iPad.”

Not content with just accepting this apparent translucence, O’Brien contacted a global arm supplier with his proposal for a new camouflage design. He said, “Yeah mate, I rang ‘em up and said, ‘don’t worry about them other camo designs, this one will revolutionise the military scene’. They took down my details, and said they’d conduct some testing. If things don’t improve with me trying to elicit donations from complete strangers, I might be able to retire on the royalties of my game-changing camo design. I’m real excited.”