An Eltham mother of three has described the pre-bagged grape system currently used in supermarkets as “the biggest rort in retail history”. Rebecca Thomson believes that supermarkets are subtly forcing customers to buy more grapes than they actually want, resulting in bigger profits for retailers and, most alarmingly, more wastage.

Thomson contacted The Watsonia Bugle to air her concerns, and believes that the issue is more of a problem than the milk price war that captured the imagination of social media last year. She said, “Everyone went crazy about the milk thing for about two weeks, but they all seem happy to turn a blind eye to this ridiculous quantity control. Do people even realise that you don’t have to buy the full bag of grapes? You can select as many grapes as you like, rather than just blindly accepting what they put out for you like some kind of mindless sheep.”

Thomson also said she had written numerous letters to the big supermarket chains but was yet to receive an appropriate response. She said, “Of course they’re not going to address the issue, it’s all just one part of them trying to achieve nationwide domination. Their duopoly will be the downfall of our society.”