Bon Jovi has reportedly conceded that his loose approach to getting regular sleep was not sustainable over a long period of time. The musician arguably most famous for his immortal song lyric “I’m gunna live when I’m alive and sleep when I’m dead” is alleged to have recently told friends that getting at least eight hours sleep each night was essential in maintaining his long-term health.

A source close to Bon Jovi said, “He managed to live that mantra for a few years, but now he has a much more sensible approach to getting consistent rest. Just the other week he said to me, ‘Live while I’m alive and sleep when I’m dead? Nah man, if I don’t get at least eight hours sleep each night I’m a bit grumpy the next day.’ I just laughed and thought to myself how much he’d changed.”

While the rock star is still known to put in a few big nights when on tour, sleep is now seen as a vital part of his daily routine. The source said, “He is always very clear with management. His schedule must allow adequate sleep time each day.”