A passionate Hot Cross Bun enthusiast has responded strongly to what she has described as a “calculated attack on the calendar year’s most scrumptious seasonal snack”. Helen Fraser said that she’s appalled by the flood of criticism that has been directed at her favourite Easter treat, and can’t understand why the fruit buns have been targeted to fiercely.

First there was the usual outrage about Hot Cross Buns being available so early, and then there was the claim that eating one could put you over the legal limit for driving with alcohol in your system. However, according to Fraser, the attacks have been unwarranted, and she’s ready to stand up for the humble snack. She said, “For starters, complaining about the early arrival on HCBs in stores is ridiculous. Rather than dwell on the negatives, the moment should be celebrated. The earlier the better I say!”

As for the claim about Hot Cross Bun consumption resulting in an illegal blood alcohol reading, first put forward by the concerned owner of a trucking company, Fraser said, “Of all the things truckies are putting into their system on a daily basis, are we really most concerned about a little fruit bun with a delicious cross emblazoned over the top? And besides, the average truckie only has about 12 more sleeps until Easter, so they should be getting stuck into the buns more than anyone! Before they know it, Easter will have come and gone and HCBs will be nowhere to be seen.”