Australia’s capital city is currently breathing rare air as it sits atop the nation in a particular category — albeit not necessarily a positive one. A recent analysis of the rental market across the nation has ranked Canberra as the most expensive place in Australia to rent a house, sneaking past Sydney for the usually undesirable title.

A perennial sleeper when it comes to national rankings — unless the topic is where to easily locate politicians, bogans, fireworks or pornography — local residents are reportedly so confused by the situation that they’re wearing the number one spot as a badge of honour. Once such resident, Shayne Davis, was particularly excited when he spoke to The Watsonia Bugle. In a wide-ranging interview, Davis said, “How good is it mate? We’re number one, baby! Them rent prices are always a sign of where the best place to live is. So that makes Canberra the best place to live in all of Australia. I knew it all along, mate. God’s country up here.”

Despite frequent attempts to explain to him that higher rent prices aren’t always a good thing for a city, Davis went on the attack. He rebutted, “Bit of sour grapes down there in Melbourne mate? Where did you guys rank? Fourth? Haha, suck eggs ya bunch of peasants.”