The Bunnings worker behind the controversial signage at his store in north Brisbane over the weekend has confirmed what most of us suspected: he was suffering from an acute bout of back to work blues. The veteran Bunnings employee, who requested strict anonymity, revealed to The Watsonia Bugle this morning that it was his first week back from two weeks holiday over Christmas and he had a severe case of the “CBFs”.

For those who may have missed the viral sensation, one alert shopper spotted this odd-looking sign during a trip to their local hardware over the weekend:

As is the norm these days, the shopper quickly posted the above pic on social media and the image spread across the nation. Further inspection of the image indicated that the writer had obviously intended to convey the message of “Flick it”, but that meaning was quickly blurred by the capitalisation used on the sign, in much the same way that anyone named “Clint” would understand when their name is written in capital letters.

However, in yet another Bugle exclusive, the anonymous employee who wrote the sign has said, “Mate, I wrote that sign at about 2pm on Friday I reckon. I’d almost finished me first full week back at work, the weekend was beckoning, so I wrote pretty much exactly what I was thinking after me boss had asked me to write up a few more price signs for the electrical section. To be honest, I didn’t think anyone would notice.

When a friend of the anonymous employee sent him a message advising him that the creative wordplay had gone viral on Facebook, he knew he was in strife. The employee said, “I just thought to meself, ‘Oh no, here we go. I’m gunna cop it on Monday.’ So I quickly went into damage control and came up with the excuse that it was a light switch and I was just trying to say ‘Flick it’. Haha, good save by me I reckon.”