An Eltham man has taken a closer look at the physical damage the Christmas period has done to his body after being flooded with carefully targeted online advertisements about his health and fitness. Glenn McAlister has noticed a significant increase this week not only in ads promoting a healthier lifestyle, but also ads referencing overindulgence across the holiday season.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, McAlister said, “Those targeted ads always freak me out a bit, but this time it’s gone too far. How does the interwebs know that I put on a solid five to six kilos in a three-week period? This is a gross intrusion into my life. No, I will not join your gym! And no, it is not a new year, new me. It’s a new year, same old me. Leave me alone.”

McAlister even went as far as to accuse the targeted advertising as being ageist. He said, “Like, I assume they don’t know my exact holiday weight gain, but I’m sure they’ve done their maths on my age, social activity, and frequent visits to the Dan Murphy’s website. They’re putting two and two together and getting 33-year-old male with a lack of self-control and a low-key drinking habit.”