A local man is claiming that Donald Trump has successfully pulled off the “Warwick Capper Effect” by continuing to be so absurd that people just now expect it from him. Roger Stanley, a political analyst from a local university, says that the US President has consistently lowered the bar in terms of his behaviour to the point that we know have much lower expectations on him than any other leader in the world.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Stanley said, “If Barack Obama had said just half of the things that Trump has said in the last two years, he would’ve been chased out of the White House ages ago. I don’t know if Trump has done this on purpose, but applying the Warwick Capper Effect has worked enormously in his favour. Instead of being outraged by some of the stuff he says, most people are just now bemused.”

Stanley says that he and a group of colleagues had discovered the Warwick Capper Effect about five years ago, after an extensive study into the goalkicking superstar’s public behaviour over the last three decades. Stanley said, “It’s quite interesting really. In Capper’s case, he seemed to become more erratic and absurd after retirement, to the point where he is now basically a parody of himself. And people just came to accept that, which is fine when you’re a retired sports star trying to hire yourself out as entertainment on Bucks Parties. But it’s really not the kind of position you want to get yourself into when you’re the so-called leader of the free world.”