An enormous snake that was spotted devouring a giant lizard on a Western Australian beach on Sunday has reportedly received a last-minute nomination for Australian of the Year. Even though nominations for this year’s award closed as far back as July last year, organisers have apparently made an exception due to the extraordinary scenes captured on camera on the weekend.

The venomous dugite, native to Western Australia, was spotted mid-breakfast by beachgoers in Albany who watched in a combination of awe and horror as the two- to three-metre serpent made light work of a King’s skink.

A source close to the panel that decides the annual Australian of the Year award has told The Watsonia Bugle, “Nobody can remember a time when a nomination has been accepted so late in the process. I mean, the actual award ceremony is only 11 days away. However, in this era of online sensations and social media, I guess we need to adapt our processes from time to time.”

When quizzed on exactly what the unnamed dugite had done that made it a worthy nominee alongside people who had done enormous amounts of work for their communities, the source just said, “I dunno, I think the panel just felt that the dugite was everything that we want to be as Australians. You know, we like to think of ourselves as rough and ready, able to fend for ourselves in the wild and that. Conveniently forgetting that the vast majority of us are latte sipping wimps that live in suburbs or cities and would run like the wind at the first sight of that massive skink, let alone the gigantic venomous snake that was chomping on it.”