The entire suburb of Watsonia seems to be gripped by fear as news broke this morning of a brazen home invasion that occurred last night. Concerned locals are now bracing themselves for a similar attack tonight, as authorities concede that they have not yet been able to apprehend the perpetrator of the fearless trespassing and theft, which was thankfully captured by CCTV cameras installed around the victim’s home.

Based on that CCTV footage, it can be revealed that the creature of interest is an adolescent fox, about 30 centimetres tall, and tan in colour. Dubbed “The Watsy Foxy” by some locals who presumably view this type of crime as a source of amusement, the unidentified fox was caught on camera stealing a pair of thongs and a baseball from the home of Watsonia resident Amy McCann.

Shaken by the invasion of privacy, McCann compiled a short video of the incident and shared it on social media this morning in a brave attempt to increase awareness of the criminal activity happening in her neighbourhood.

When contacted by The Watsonia Bugle, McCann insisted that whilst shaken by last night’s events, she would not let it impinge on her way of life. She said, “Watsonia is generally a very safe and pleasant place to live. If I want to leave a pair of thongs and a baseball out the front of my house at night, I should be able to do that without fear of theft or trespass. I refuse to be shaken by this incident and, if the Watsy Foxy is reading this, I’ve got a message for him: you will be caught mate. And I want my Havaianas back!”