A local man’s pool table has been accused of providing an unfair homeground advantage, following an explosive contest between two close friends last night. Ben Stanley made the controversial public comments just moments after a heavy defeat at the hands of his good mate, and pool table owner, Cameron Daniels.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about the issue, Stanley said, “It’s totally bloody rigged mate. I’ve been playing pool on that dungheap for a few years now, and it’s a bigger homeground advantage than India playing test cricket in Chennai. It’s bullshit mate.”

While Stanley was unable to provide specifics about the nature of the bias on the table, which is also probably why he struggles to notch a win on it, he reckons the top left hand pocket is like a ball vacuum. He said, “Just hit it in the general vicinity and it drops in. Like putting a golf ball into a crater. Piece of piss mate.”

However, beyond that obvious trait, Stanley claimed there were multiple other factors at play. He said, “If it was just that pocket it wouldn’t be so bad, but there’s a whole heap of other weird things. Plus I reckon Cam changes it up slightly each time I come over. It plays a bit differently every time. I keep challenging him to a game at the Watsy RSL, but he always says no.”