Controversial MP Bob Katter has been encouraged to stay off the Interwebs for a bit after referring to homosexuality as “just like a fashion trend”. Advisors from the office of the member for the Far North Queensland electorate of Kennedy have reportedly advised Katter to maybe not check Facebook or Twitter for the next 24 hours — presuming he actually knows how to do that.

So convinced that a person’s sexuality was just a passing trend, Katter used his own cloistered life experience as a resolute example. The 73-year-old said, “In my whole life up to 50, I had never seen or heard of a homosexual person. Now it’s fashionable, it’s just like a fashion trend — tomorrow there’ll be another fashion.” Then, to further illustrate his unparalleled levels of human empathy and willingness to truly represent the people of Australia, he said, “I just don’t want to waste any time on it.”

Exactly what Katter hoped to achieve from making these comments remains unclear, however he took the opportunity to also share his salient views on schoolyard bullying. In a ham-fisted and dangerously misleading attempt to discredit generations of work to reduce bullying in schools, Katter simply said, “pro-homosexual is the way I would describe the ‘stop bullying’ campaign”.

In all our years of reporting the news, it seems that truth really is stranger than fiction. Let’s just hope that one small part of what Katter said is true: when tomorrow there is another fashion, fingers crossed it’s not men wearing blue jeans and oversized cowboy hats with their button-up shirts and ties.