A local woman has bravely conceded that the hit of tennis she had last week will be her only visit to the local courts for the year. Karen Wilson went for a casual hit with a friend last Wednesday, at the absolute height of Australian Open fever in her home town of Melbourne.

As reported last year, the annual hit and giggle would often prompt Wilson to declare her intention to possibly join a local mid-week competition and start playing more regularly, but age and experience had taught her better than to aim so high. This week, Wilson has taken her self-awareness to a whole new level, admitting to The Watsonia Bugle that she will be cancelling a previously arranged on-court meeting with her friend scheduled for next week.

Wilson said, “Yeah, we got a bit carried away and said we’d meet up again next Thursday night after dinner. You know, a nice little twilight hit after the sun’s lost most of its bite. But, if I’m honest with myself, I knew that was never going to happen. I’ll probably text Jill next week and just say I’ve hurt my back again, something like that. By next week, the Open will be over, and most Melbournians will be back to forgetting all about the existence of tennis. Who am I kidding?”