The potential for a big day of drinking ahead has been confirmed this morning by the presence of a large pallet of ice sitting on the bitumen at a local servo. While service stations generally always sell ice, the assistance of a large pallet is usually saved for big days on the drinking calendar, such as Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

How long that stacked pallet will last in open air depends of two major factors: the ferocity of the sun and the local appetite for a product that is by far the best way to keep your beer cold. Drinkers all over the nation are expected to flock to service stations this morning in large numbers to stock up on “a couple of bags of ice”.

According to local drinker Steve Gannon the mere sight of that pallet is enough to whet his appetite for a big day on the cans. He told The Watsonia Bugle, “As soon as I see that magical pallet I just get so thirsty mate. It brings back so many memories.”