A rogue group of residents from New South Wales and Victoria are reportedly mobilising in an attempt to remove Queensland from the country of Australia, due mostly to the northern state’s seemingly high proliferation of absurd politicians. Seemingly sick of a select group of Queensland politicians giving the rest of the nation a bad name, the group are said to be campaigning for a “Quexit”.

An anonymous spokesperson from the group said that the continual headlines created by Bob Katter, Pauline Hanson, Fraser Anning, Peter Dutton and Clive Palmer were “counterproductive to positive change in Australia, not to mention incredibly damaging to our nation’s international reputation”. They said, “Those peanuts are lucky that Donald Trump is making such a dick of himself in the US, otherwise their behaviour would be viewed in an even dimmer light than it already is!”

While the movement seems to be gaining momentum across the southern states, any such removal of Queensland would arguably have a more detrimental effect — essentially leaving the Queensland region to govern itself without input or influence from the more civilised southern states. In fact, one Queenslander has already pleaded with the group to stop pushing for the controversial move. They said, “Please don’t leave us alone with these idiots! Seriously.”