There are certain things that we’ve come to expect from takeaway food outlets, such as excessive salt on McDonalds fries, a grease stain on the pizza box once all the slices are gone, and a bonus potato cake thrown in to your order at the local fish and chip shop. While the exact formula of what size order warrants the bonus potato cake is unknown, and different stores often follow different formulas, there is no greater scorn than a person who thinks they are owed a free potato cake but don’t get one.

In fact, people have been known to do unspeakable things upon being denied an additional disc of fried potato. With this serious societal issue in mind, we’ve boldly posed the question that if a fish and chip shop doesn’t throw in an extra potato cake is it really a fish and chip shop?

Here in Watsonia we are blessed with the provision of three high quality fish and chipperies, all of which we are sure live by a generous formula for the size of order that warrants an additional potato cake free of charge. But, from time-to-time, you’ll come across a fancy new vendor advertising themselves as a fish and chip shop but denying their customers of the freebie. In this case we conclude that these vendors are not fish and chip shops, they are cafes. And no greater insult can be levelled at a business trying to be seen as a fish and chip shop.