Plans are reportedly in place to have the Watsonia Train Station car park officially recognised as the eighth wonder of the world, such is its imposing presence within the local area, and its cult status amongst regular commuters. While such official recognition would take many years to confirm, at least one local resident is convinced that the car park has what it takes to go global.

Local commuter Faye Prindle is a passionate advocate for the listing of our train station’s car park amongst such well-known monuments as The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Temple of Artemis, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria. Prindle said, “I just think it’s time that the Watsy car park got some kind of official recognition for its services to the local community. It really is an impressive feat of engineering, and just seems to be growing all the time. The original seven wonders of the world are all a bit outdated if you ask me.”

When challenged on exactly what put the car park on such a prominent parallel with the historic buildings, Prindle said, “They say you can see that sucker from space. It’s such a vast entity. And yet, it’s still not big enough. Haha, amazing.”