A forgetful man has just purchased an overpriced Valentine’s Day card from a local service station in a presumably futile attempt to smooth things over with his wife. Craig Leonard paid the full recommended retail price for the card after dropping in to the servo on his way home from work.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle outside the service station, Leonard said, “Mate, I knew I was in strife about 10 minutes into me morning commute when the radio hosts started going on about Valentine’s Day. I thought about getting flowers sent to her during the day, but there’s no way I was paying the full delivery fee on the busiest day of the year for florists.”

While Leonard had opted for the mildly cheaper option of paying full price for a service station card, he was still surprised by the cost of the item. He said, “Normally I grab one or two dollar cards from them bargain stores. When the guy behind the servo counter told me the price of this card, I thought it must’ve included half a tank of petrol. Far out! Hallmark must be rolling in it on days like this.”