A local woman has challenged her partner’s double standard of dismissing Valentine’s Day as overly commercialised, yet still expecting presents at an equally-commercialised Christmas time. Dana Livingston made the troubling connection earlier this week when her boyfriend Darren informed her that she wouldn’t be receiving a gift today because “Valentine’s Day is just a bunch of over-hyped bullcrap.”

Pouncing on Darren’s comments, Dana quickly informed him that Christmas was no less the figment of retailers’ imaginations, and that he was unlikely to receive much in the way of presents at the end of this year. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about the couple’s confrontation, Dana said, “He comes up with that same excuse every year, so I did a bit of homework and was ready for him this time. As soon as he started spouting off about Valentine’s Day being a classic Hallmark holiday, I delivered some home truths. I told him if he wanted any more of them games for his stupid Xbox for Christmas this year he was kidding himself.”

Exactly what homework Dana had done remains unclear, but she did invoke the long-held theory that Santa Claus himself was merely a creation of Coca-Cola. She said, “I went right off at him. Told him Santa was only wearing red ‘cos it was Coke’s colours and that. He didn’t even know that. What a moron!”