A Watsonia man has alienated his friends and family after adopting a self-appointed nickname and then referring to himself by that name in most conversations. David Hackney came up with the moniker of “Hacksaw” over the summer holidays, allegedly part of his self-described “rebranding” that ties in with a new year’s resolution to be more confident.

However, the new nickname seems to have blown up in Hackney’s face, with friends reportedly distancing themselves from him, and some family members unfollowing him on Facebook. One anonymous friend said, “He’s bloody kidding himself isn’t he? Hacksaw? What a joke. Apart from the fact you should never give yourself a nickname, he could’ve at least chosen one that fits more closely with his personality.”

While Hackney was initially reluctant to speak to The Watsonia Bugle, he did eventually agree to a brief interview. When asked about why he had decided to pick his own nickname and run with it, Hackney said, “Hacksaw just loved it from the moment he thought of it, because it perfectly encapsulates what he stands for as a man. Hacksaw can cut through anything mate. Three lanes of traffic on the Greensborough Highway? No problem. Annoying small talk at a work function? Easy done.”